Pathology Transcription

We can deliver fast TAT on your surgical specimen dictations!

A critical transcription requirement of a pathologist is the turnaround time (TAT), especially pertaining to biopsies and surgical resections. The Daily Transcription can provide same-day turnaround for dictated notes to be entered into your EMR on a Monday through Friday schedule, so that the pathologist can relay the specimen diagnosis to the surgeon quickly. Gross dictations will be entered into your system by the following morning, and micro and diagnosis will be entered the same day as dictation occurs. We also have extensive experience in all types of autopsies as well as cytology reports, consultations and more.

Pathology departments often have their own hands-free dictation systems already set up. An alternative would be to use our secure toll-free dictation line, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You simply call your designated line, input your ID number and record your dictation. Completed pathology transcriptions can be entered into designated fields in your EHR by us remotely. We will provide you with a Business Associate Agreement to meet HIPAA compliance.

The Daily Transcription can provide accurate, confidential and HIPAA-secure pathology transcription. Please contact us for further information.