Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your transcription rates? We do not have a flat pricing model, but our transcription rates are very competitive. We understand that each client has specific needs, and we will work up a price quote based on your transcription requirements.

2. What are your turnaround times? Turnaround times for surgical pathology transcription are 2 hours or less. All other pathology transcription is 12-24 hours. Medical specialty and behavioral health transcription turnaround times are 24 hours. General transcription turnaround times will vary according to your needs.

3. How will I get my dictations/audio files to you? There are a variety of ways to do this. In the case of pathology, your facility may have a dictation platform that we can log into remotely to access your dictations. For medical specialty and behavioral health, we have a secure toll-free dictation line for your use or you may choose to use a digital recorder or dictation app on your mobile phone to record the dictation, and upload to us via FTP or Hightail.com (formerly yousendit.com). Audio files may also be emailed to us, depending on their size.

4. In what format are finished transcripts? If we are not entering transcription into your electronic medical record, transcripts will be in the form of Microsoft Word documents.

5. How will you get the finished transcripts back to me? If we are not entering the transcript into your electronic medical record, we can email the transcript to you or upload it into a secure Hightail.com folder that only you will have access to.

6. What kind of payment do you accept? We accept PayPal payments or personal/business checks.

7. Do I need to sign a contract? There may be some cases in which a contract will be needed, but in general, you will not need to sign a contract.

8. What type of EMR/EHR platforms can you work with? We can work with any EMR/EHR platform that you have. To date, we have worked in AlphaFlex, E-Notes, PowerPath, EditScript and MModal Fluency.

9. How does your company comply with HIPAA requirements? Health and Human Services considers all transcription companies to be business associates of HIPAA-covered entities like healthcare providers. HIPAA allows covered entities to disclose protected health information to business associates so long as there are satisfactory assurances in place that the business associate will use the information only for the purposes for which it was engaged by the covered entity, will safeguard the information from misuse and will help the covered entity comply with its duties under HIPAA. We will provide and sign a Business Associate Agreement with you for any transcription considered medical and protected. Our transcriptionists also sign an agreement with The Daily Transcription ensuring HIPAA safeguards are in place.