Behavioral Health Transcription

Dictate comprehensive patient sessions while still utilizing an EHR!

The Daily Transcription has years of experience in transcribing dictation from mental health professionals. These unique medical notes are more varied than other medical professions and commonly include longer narratives in addition to medical terms, medication notes and other items. We can transcribe psychiatric assessments, residential treatment center narratives, discharge summaries, telepsych visits and all other documentation associated with the mental health profession.

For your convenience, we provide a secure toll-free dictation line and ID number for your use, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply call your designated line, input your ID number and record your dictation. Completed transcripts can be entered into designated fields in your EHR by us remotely, or we can return MS Word documents to you through a secure server. We will provide you with a Business Associate Agreement to meet HIPAA compliance.

The Daily Transcription can provide accurate, confidential and HIPAA-secure mental health transcription. Please contact us for further information.